Classical united states of America Conservative-Classical united states conservatism is defined as putting the needs of each sovereign state within the Federal Republic/International Union first.And putting the interests of the Union second.The Foreign Policy of Classical u.s conservatism is non internationalism and strict neutrality with regard to other nations, such as Jefferson advocating a policy of “peace and free trade with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”The only “alliance” needed, was the mutual defense policy among the states themselves which were each separate sovereign nations under the Constitution; this was shown in the Hartford Convention, where several New England states considered seceding from the constitutional usA in protest over the War of 1812, which they claimed was an abuse of the Union to engage in war for the betterment of some states at the expense of others.

Organic Constitutionalist-I am a constitutional conservative.I say Organic Constitution because I am not talking about the corporate constitution founded in 1871.But the organic one founded in 1787.Which operated from 1787-1871.

Historical Revisionist-History is far deeper then what is on the history channel.I will look into some of the deepest corners of history

united states National Socialist-The system I believe will best benifit people all over the 33 sovereign states of all races is International Socialism

Spiritual Satanist Pagan-These are my religious beliefs.I will speak about that more in depth on “My Posts” Page

 united states National Socialist Party-As since I believe in the ideology of National Socialism I believe that National Socialism on an Federal Level would benefit all 33 Sovereign  States within the International Union.

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